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Watching the Price is Right this afternoon makes me realize how much my priorities have shifted over the years.

When I was a kid, if there wasn't a car in the showcase, it sucked. Full stop.

Now? The ones with trips in them look tons more attractive.

Went back to my Warlock today on Destiny 2. Really enjoying it! Trying to determine if it's because I enjoy the play better or if it's just because it's a break from my hunter.

Gambit definitely seemed a bit easier and more fun, though. Probably had my best Crucible match too.

Upgraded to the new Pop!_OS today. Easy, worked flawlessly. Always nice when stuff just works without having to mess around with it after.

Discovered XPERIFIX, which will apparently patch your system files to make them think that your DRM keys are still there if you want to root your phone.

I loved having my Nexus rooted, but I honestly can't think of anything I'd gain by rooting this phone. I kinda like it fine how it is. I can't think of any benefits of it being rooted for what I use it for.

I know, weird to hear me say that, right?

Gas Monkey energy drink kinda smells like Armor All.

Nice relaxing Saturday night with Netflix and ice cold Boh. Can't beat that!

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Somebody, somewhere in the universe is getting hornt off to your toots.

I really wasn't really a big fan of new GNOME... But really kinda liking using it in Pop!_OS now that I'm used to it.

Shaving is one of those things that I hate doing. But I gotta. Because I don't like having tons of facial hair.

Ahh... Destiny 2 is consuming all of my free time!!! But I'm becoming OK with that.

Can't shake the devil's hand then say you're only kidding.

Booted up the PC today. Still really pleased with how well things are running. Much quicker, much better.

@calzonesteve So, here's a blast from the past. I found a picture of the W909T-VETTE!

Ok, I this was a great decision. Nice smooth install, data restore took maybe an hour. Back up and running. :)

I used to hate reinstalling Windows. Took me an entire day. From start to finish (including updates) took me about 2 hours. Most of which I didn't have to be doing anything. :)

Got Pop!_OS installed, updated and restoring data now. Let's see how this goes. So far, so good.

Not sure if it's a feature of Pop, or Ubuntu 18, but I am able to use my Intel hardware RAID now. Made it worth the install already. :)

Times are definitely changing for me when I'm more likely to recommend a Mac over a PC. And it's not that I don't like PCs any more, it's moreso that I can't really recommend anything running Windows 10 with a good conscience.

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Welcome to b4ypstodon! I set up this Mastodon instance just to see if I could get it up and running. Not really sure if there's a theme yet, or have any idea of what I want to make of this instance but.. It is what it is. :) Semi-private instance. If you'd like to create an account here, drop me an e-mail and I will send you an invite.