Wow, so many new followers lately! Hello new followers! 👋

@calzonesteve Yeah, and how the child should be able to choose its own gender when it's old enough?

@calzonesteve And it isn't just limited to games. Microsoft does this with Windows too!!!

@calzonesteve So totally agree. I remember growing up, there were rarely bugs or issues with games. They would test the shit out of them. Now? I think they're so quick to want to get them out the door that most of the testing is pushed off to the players. Which is scary.

Got to try Spanish food for the first time tonight. Want more.

@calzonesteve Along the lines of DoorDash, they're actually delivering in my area now. May take a block around here as they're offering +$5/order now ..

(Not so) interesting side note. My Corsair K90 died a few months ago. Since then, I've been using this old Apple keyboard that came with my 2009 Mac Pro.

I am totally remembering why I loved this keyboard so much. I was considering replacing the K90 with something new and mechanical-switchy.. but.. I may just keep using this one.

So yeah, I'm still here. Honest. Just been quiet lately. Got sucked hopelessly into Destiny 2 -- which is where all of my free time seems to be going -- as well as holidays and all of that.

But I haven't forgotten about Masto. Instance isn't going anywhere any time soon..

Which reminds me.. I should probably renew this domain as it's expiring.. like.. tomorrow.. eep!

@calzonesteve Mmm. Chili day. Also, Sara told me "That bread that Mr. Steve made was REALLY GOOD!"

@calzonesteve though the way thibgs are done these days may be different. I haven't built a PC in about 6 years.

@calzonesteve That's what I'll do with silver. I'll rub a thin layer on to the heat sink, then wipe it off to fill up the gaps. Then, I'll use about a BB sized amount.

Ceramic, I don't do the first part, I just use the BB. I think the ceramic expands so rubbing isn't necessary.

@calzonesteve I added a relay so Federated should be more busy now. :)

Supposedly there's an improved camera app with the Android 9 upgrade for Xperia. I don't doubt it. This low-light shot is a big improvement I think. I'll see how much different the daylight ones are tomorrow.

Happy camper am I.

In other news, hoping that my daughter's shool has a weather delay tomorrow. I could use the extra couple hours of sleep.

Spent part of the afternoon on the backup, wipe, and fresh install of Android 9.0. Then, the rest of the day passively restoring everything, logging into apps, etc. Back up and running again.

So far, not a lot different but the stuff that's changed, I kinda like. Still runs smooth as a baby's butt.

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