Finally took the time out to watch The Orville after many, many recommendations from friends.

Verdict? Pretty darn awesome.

@calzonesteve We must hang out in different friend circles. At least 8 of my friends recommended it because they loved it.

@b4yp I've only even had one person mention to me, so I'm going off what that one single person said. I actually completely forgot the show existed until you mentioned it.

Though I think it was Justin's friend Brent who told me that, but I'm not sure. I don't see Brent a whole lot, really, so I don't know for sure.

@b4yp I mean, technically, Brent is my friend as well, but whatever. hah

@b4yp But yes, almost all my friends run in different 'circles", it's rare for me to be friends with my friend's friends. You and Justin have totally different circles, Ed has a different circle from anyone else as well. It's really weird that it worked out that way for me.

@calzonesteve Yeah. I mean hell, I only just met Justin a few years ago.

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